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Games 9/21

Both flag teams are @ polytechnic 

Bantam @ Blue raider 7pm

Both junior teams are @ dhns 12pm and 2pm

Senior Leopards @ eastern hills now @3pm 

Senior Lions @ dhns @4pm

Senior Tigers @ polytechnic @ 3pm 

Food Drive

This week begins our food drive. This event is for everyone. Flag, tackle and cheer. Cheer and tackle will work together in this event and combine their items as one. The following list is of items accepted....

1. Applesauce 

2. Canned beans 

3. Canned chicken 

4. Canned fish (tuna/salmon)

5. Canned meat (SPAM/ ham)

6. Canned vegetables 

7. Cooking oils 

8. Canned fruit 

9. Whole grain cereal 

10. Power milk 

11. Canned soups, stews, and/or chilli 

12. Packs of ramen noodles ( not individual packs)

Minimum quantity on the canned items are 5. No instant sauce packets or of seasoning will be accepted. The items above are needed items so our focus is about gathering as much as we can of the items required. This helps our community. 

This event is held through Friday Sep 27th. 

Flag teams - 

1st place wins $50 gift card 

2nd place wins $25 gift card 

Tackle and cheer teams - 

1st place $100 gift card

2nd place $50 gift card 

Bring items to the concession stand labeled for your team. We will keep track of which teams bring what so we keep it fair. If you don't label your items they will not be counted.

All the items collected will be donated to our local food banks,  The Wesley Mission Center Food Pantry and Harvesting In Mansfield Center.

We appreciate all of your hard work and dedication.

Week 3 Schedule below, all of our teams are away. Please contact your team mom for additional information or with any questions you may have. Good luck to everyone!

League Swag

2019 League shirts are available for sale! 

$12 or  2) $20


TACKLE-  Mon, Thur, Fri  6:00-8:00pm

FLAG- Mon and Thurs 6:30-8

CHEER- Mon, Thurs, Fri  6:30-8

First Game-  Saturday September 7

Mansfield Tackles Cancer Pep Rally: wear lots of pink!

Homecoming & Picture Day:  Saturday October 19

Food Drive: September 16-27

Glow Party Pep Rally:  Friday October 25

1st Round of Playoffs start:  Saturday November 2 

2nd Round of Playoffs: Saturday November 9 

Super Bowl Game:  Saturday November 16

BUFFALO WILD WINGS- ALL SEASON 10% BACK!- Tell your server you’re on Team  “F”  Mansfield/287

Sponsor's Corner

Mansfield Pee Wee Football Association is looking for sponsorships for the upcoming 2019 Football season.  There are over 300 children participating in our program as we are the largest football organization in Mansfield.  This takes a lot of volunteer work and financial support from companies like yours.  Your donation will help with field costs, scholarships, and event uniforms for breast cancer and other charities.

MPWFA has over 800 people that attend our events every Saturday in the months of September, October and November.  We offer advertisement within our facilities to companies who wish to sponsor us.

Sponsorship Tiers

Platinum Sponsorship $1000.00

  • Company’s name announced at all games including Playoffs
  • Large Banner for scoreboard
  • Advertisement on
  • Ability to set up booth at field for information distribution

Gold Sponsorship $800.00

  • Company’s name announced at all games including Playoffs
  • Large Banner for fence
  • Advertisement on
  • Ability to set up booth at field for information distribution

Silver Sponsorship $600.00

  • Company’s name announced at all games
  • Small Fence Banner
  • Advertisement on

Bronze Sponsorship $300.00

  • Company’s name announced at all games
  • Yard sign advertising
  • Advertising on

Personal Sponsorship $100.00

  • Free entry into all MPWFA home games played at Clayton Chandler Park (excluding Playoffs)
  • 2019 League T-Shirt with sponsor on back.

Each Sponsor will receive a letter confirming their donation to a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

Thank you for all your help to make MPWFA a fun place for our kids and families.

If you are interested in sponsoring MPWFA sponsorship program,

please email us at

Big thank you to Top Level Athlete for partnering at our 2019 Speed & Agility Camp! 

For more information please visit: or call (682) 559-2031

2019 Motivation

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