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What does my kid need to wear for Conditioning week?

  • T-shirt, Shorts
  • Mouth guard
  • Cleats

What is Evaluation Week?

Eval week is for all new players to MPWFA. The player will go to around to stations set up by the coaches and perform different drills. This will give the coach the opportunity to evaluate the player.

What equipment do I need to purchase?

  • Shoulder pads
  • Football Cleats
  • Mouth piece
  • Game Day pants
  • Helmet (purchased through MPWFA with our Riddell rep, our helmets have been custom made in our hand picked GOLD color). Please do NOT purchase helmets outside of MPWFA.

How long is your season?

Our season is 8 weeks long not including Playoffs. Playoffs are 3 weeks long. 

What days are practices on and at what time? 

  • For Tackle practices are on Monday, Thursday, and Fridays from 6-8 p.m. 
  • Flag 2 times per week Thursday and Friday 6-7 p.m.
  • Cheer practices Monday, Thursday, and Friday 6-8 p.m.

My Coach wants to practice at another field, is that ok?

It’s ok as long as MPWFA board is aware of site and has given the OK. 

My son doesn’t want to play football anymore. Can I get a refund?

Refunds are only given before Draft Day . No refunds are given after the draft has occurred. 

Why do we have to move to Danny Jones for Practices?

Clayton Chandler Park is a city park that shares parking with two MISD schools. If the schools have an event (i.e Football games, back school nights, etc) parking becomes a problem. So MPWFA is asked to move practices to an alternate location.?

Why is it so late in the day when we find out practice is cancelled after a weather event such as rain?

The City of Mansfield owns the fields and does not update the rain out line until 3:00pm each day. If the fields are closed we then have to notify everyone about practice and game cancellation.